Bioinformatics software developer Qlucore expanding into the area of precision medicine and precision diagnostics

Qlucore has created a software platform for precision medicine and diagnostics, building on the development and success of Qlucore Omics Explorer which is now used by researchers in more than 35 countries. The first generation of the new software platform supports analysis and visualization of so-called fusion genes that play important roles in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer forms, such as acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and non-small cell lung cancer. Future versions will include classifiers that will assist physicians and pathologists to classify a sample in subgroups using gene expression signatures.

This new software platform comes as Qlucore recently celebrated a decade of helping researchers to visualize and analyze their data with Qlucore Omics Explorer software. Qlucore’s software combines powerful statistical methods with real time and makes it possible to interactively explore and analyze multivariate data sets, from small to very large, as well as data generated with NGS technologies. One of the key features is to enable synchronization between the expression analysis of RNA-seq data and genomic information, making researchers even more productive.

Increasingly data generated with NGS technologies is being utilized in clinical settings.

“It is a natural development that the data that our research customers have worked with using Qlucore Omics Explorer for several years is now ready to be moved into clinical use. The lack of software solutions is apparent and with our experience we will fill that gap”, says Carl-Johan Ivarsson, Qlucore President.

Source – Qlucore

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