HSDB – Thoroughbred Horse Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and Expression Database

Genetics is important for breeding and selection of horses but there is a lack of well-established horse-related browsers or databases. In order to better understand horses, more variants and other integrated information are needed. Researchers at Hankyong National University, Korea ...

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Brain RNA-Seq – An RNA-Sequencing Transcriptome and Splicing Database


The major cell classes of the brain differ in their developmental processes, metabolism, signaling, and function. To better understand the functions and interactions of the cell types that comprise these classes, a team led by researchers at the Stanford University ...

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miRNEST 2.0 – a database of plant and animal microRNAs

Ever growing interest in microRNAs has immensely populated the number of resources and research papers devoted to the field and, as a result, it becomes more and more demanding to find miRNA data of interest. To mitigate this problem, researchers ...

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APADB: a database for alternative polyadenylation and microRNA regulation events

Alternative polyadenylation (APA) is a widespread mechanism that contributes to the sophisticated dynamics of gene regulation. Approximately 50% of all protein-coding human genes harbor multiple polyadenylation (PA) sites; their selective and combinatorial use gives rise to transcript variants with differing ...

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