Featured RNA-Seq Job – Single-Cell Scientist

LASE Innovation is an early-stage startup that aims to provide innovative optics solutions for broad applications. The company is currently targeting life science and diagnostic markets by commercializing LASE Particle (LP) technology initially developed at MGH, Harvard and MIT. LPs are novel laser-emitting nano/micro particles that due to their narrow emission, provide orders of magnitude more colors than conventional fluorescent probes for multiplexing and cell tracking applications. The company aims to release its first products including consumable LPs and life science instruments for single-cell analysis by the end of 2021.


We are seeking a highly motivated, flexible individual to join LASE Innovation as a Single Cell Scientist. This individual will work with the Engineering team to develop and improve workflows pertaining initially to flow cytometry and later extending to other single-cell analysis platforms including RNA sequencing. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Optimize laser particles and associated protocols for flow cytometry
  • Develop laser particle-based tools and protocols for RNA-sequencing (preferred)
  • Standardize protocols and ensure single-cell workflow suitability for customers
  • Identify customer needs and user specifications of our products


  • Bachelor’s degree in either cell biology or immunology; master’s or doctoral degree holders preferred
  • At least 8 years’ experience in research, clinical flow cytometry, and/or single-cell analysis
  • An extensive flow cytometry, single-cell analysis knowledge and experience with instrumentation, reagents, protocols, software platforms, and the competitive landscape
  • Keen on working with new technologies and solving difficult problems
  • Resourcefulness, excellent verbal communication and writing skills, and ability to work well in a small team

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