Fluidigm to Automate RNA Sequencing Library Preparation Using Microfluidics Technology

Fluidigm Corporation, an innovative biotechnology tools provider with a vision to improve life through comprehensive health insight, today announced it will introduce an automated RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) library preparation workflow in the third quarter.

Developed for use with the Fluidigm® Juno™ microfluidic system, the automated RNA-seq workflow significantly reduces cost per sample and hands-on time by up to 50 percent for the molecular laboratory. Delivering greater efficiency and flexible scalability, the RNA-seq workflow solution is ideal for sequencing centers, core facilities and commercial service providers.

RNA-seq is a high-value research application that enables transcriptome profiling from diverse species and sample types using next-generation sequencing. Scaling RNA-seq library preparation in the molecular laboratory to meet increasing sample volumes, however, presents an ongoing challenge. Reagent kits are costly and manual processing requires significant hands-on time. As sample volume increases, laboratory options for automation are also currently limited. Although customization of large automated platforms is an option, these can require significant capital investment and laboratory resources to configure. Representing an attractive high-growth market that we estimate today is at approximately $300 million, RNA-seq library preparation is ideal for microfluidic automation.

Providing ready-to-go automation for mid-to-high-throughput laboratories, the Fluidigm Juno microfluidics system offers a robust and highly efficient solution for automating full-length RNA-seq library preparation as well as targeted DNA and RNA sequencing. Taking microfluidics-based automation to the next level, the new workflow integrates solid-phase sample enrichment with sequential enzymatic reactions, all on a single cartridge. The new cartridge also offers the ability to extend the benefits of microfluidics automation across other large multi-step molecular workflows in the future.

“We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new automated RNA sequencing library preparation workflow solution,” said Chris Linthwaite, President and CEO of Fluidigm. “We have already received strong, worldwide interest in this new product, including from cancer centers, academic medical research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations. Providing us with a new opportunity to capture high-volume accounts and increase consumables pull-through within our expanding Juno installed base, this upcoming product launch represents an important milestone in our strategy to accelerate the growth of our microfluidics business.”

Source – GlobeNewsWire

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