Interview with Dr Garry Nolan – keynote speaker at RNA-Seq 2017

Dr Nolan is immersed at the cutting edge of the RNA-Seq industry, developing and overseeing a variety of revolutionary projects namely, SCTS, split-pool synthesis combinatorial chemistry as an alternative approach to SCTS, and most recently a single cell analysis advanced using a hybrid of mass spectrometry-flow cytometry.

Adam Cohen (Program Director – Hanson Wade) recently sat down with Dr Garry Nolan (Rachford and Carlota Harris Professor, Stanford University)  – keynote speaker at RNA Seq 2017 –  to discuss his most recent research utilizing single cell transcriptomic sequencing (SCTS) and his vision for the future of clinical sequencing.

Here’s an insight into their discussion:

We need to stop boiling oceans of data and starting getting specific about measurements for diagnostics

The more we understand about the genome, expressome, epigenome, proteome, the sooner we will be able to find a minimal set of surrogate markers that are capable of reading out on health or disease status

Incentives around diagnostics have been strangled and frankly to the detriment of the drugs they are meant to validate

Download your free copy of the exclusive interview. 

Dr Nolan will once again be joining the expert speaker faculty at the RNA-Seq Summit (April 25-27, San Francisco), presenting  in-depth insights on “Single Cell Deep Profiling of Cancer and Immunity”.

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