NGS Training – Total RNA sequencing library preparation and validation


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Next Generation Sequencing: Total RNA sequencing library preparation and validation

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany Wednesday 8 October – Friday 10 October 2014 Application will open shortly

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Why apply?

The field of DNA sequencing has evolved rapidly in the last years and the rise of next generation sequencing (NGS) has caused a dramatic decrease in sequencing costs. These new technologies have fostered the development of a plethora of new applications and enabled new experiments, study designs, and fields of research. Therefore the numbers of NGS users are constantly growing and there is an increasing demand for basic trainings which we want to address with this course.

The goal of this course is to teach the fundamentals of NGS library preparation and validation using the Illumina TruSeq stranded total RNA sample preparation kit. We will start with an introduction into Illumina NGS technology and the library preparation workflow. The main part will be the preparation of libraries from total RNA, with a focus on the critical steps and potential pitfalls of the protocol. Finally we will quantify and quality control the prepared libraries, before discussing solutions for total RNA sequencing data analysis.

During this course we will focus on the following aspects:

  • Best practices and tips and tricks for TruSeq stranded total RNA library preparation
  • Best practices of sequencing library validation
  • Introduction to RNA sequencing data analysis

Who should apply?

This course is directed towards biologists, scientists and technicians who want to apply RNA sequencing and learn the basics of library preparation. Knowledge of next generation sequencing technology is desirable but not essential.

This course is co-organised with Illumina.

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