RNA and machine learning: rational design for multidimensional biomarkers


From Drug Target Review by Dr Jarret Glasscock

Modern day oncology therapies have seen significant innovation in the last decade. It is high time we commit to using biomarkers that are driven by rational design and the latest computational methods.

In an earlier age of medicine, new therapies were often discovered by ‘accident’. There was little technical knowledge of structure or function to guide the process of developing curative treatments. Trial and error dictated progress, resulting in slow and unpredictable successes. As our knowledge of small molecules, proteins and their structural relationships grew, we entered the era of rational drug design. Rational drug design has made a significant impact in the field of oncology, where we have gathered a deep knowledge of ligand binding and biochemical pathways. Modern day drug strategies utilise frameworks of rational drug design, driven by computational experimentation to further the pace of potential therapy identification.


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