RNA-Seq Dissects the Transcriptome

from Genetic Engineering News by Kathy Liszewski

With the rapid rise of next-generation sequencing (NGS), one of its technologies, RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq), has taken center stage for analyzing whole transcriptomes. Although RNA-Seq is still the new kid on the block, this technology, its proponents say, could revolutionize transcriptomics, revealing the architecture of gene expression in unprecedented detail.

RNA-Seq applications are proliferating and include the elucidation of disease processes, targeted drug development, and personalized medicine. RNA-Seq also has veterinary and agricultural applications. RNA-Seq, however, will realize its promise only if certain impediments are overcome. These include consistency of methodology, cost, and optimization of data analysis.

To orient researchers who are unfamiliar with the differences between  RNA-Seq platforms, Kelli Bramlett, R&D scientist, Life Technologies, poses two key questions:  (read more…)