RNA-Seq Intern Position Available – Ion Torrent R&D

Job #240091692
Thermo Fisher Scientific – Sacramento, CA

As the leading supplier of life science technology and related applications, we are helping life scientists understand and use the power of biology to pursue new scientific discoveries. If you are interested in a summer internship in one of the fastest moving genomics fields today, you are invited to apply for a bioinformatics intern position in our Ion Torrent R&D team.

RNA-Seq and transcriptome analysis enables full and clearer understanding of how the underlying genome is converted into functional proteins, allowing for clinical applications in personalized medicine, such as patient classification, diagnosis, and individualized treatment.

This position is focused toward the development of transcriptomics based analytical pipelines for the Ion Torrent Proton and PGM sequencing platforms. The desire is to explore methods and pipelines for the challenging bioinformatics problems in RNA-Seq data analysis, work would be related but not limited to the following:

*Develop tools/pipelines for quality control, pre-processing, alignment, differential expression analysis

*Discover novel transcriptional units and alternatively spliced isoforms

The group at Ion Torrent is very fast paced with milestones such as white-papers/publications and therefore provides the intern with an opportunity to making significant contributions towards these.

Minimum Qualifications (must have) Intern candidates must be currently enrolled at an accredited college or university pursuing a Bachelor s, Master s or PhD program. Graduating students are eligible only if they are returning to school the following semester to pursue the next level degree. Preferred Qualifications (nice to have)

An applicant with some prior knowledge of next generation sequencing, especially open-source analytical pipelines and proficiency in BioConductor/R, python and perl is desired.


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