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4th Berlin Summer School in NGS Data Analysis

When: June 15-19,2020 Where: Berlin, Germany Learn the essential computing skills for NGS bioinformatics Understand NGS analysis algorithms (e.g. read alignment) and data formats Use bioinformatics tools for handling NGS data Perform first downstream analyses for studying genetic variation Compare different approaches for differential expression ...

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SparK: Publication-Quality NGS plotting tool

While there are sophisticated resources available for displaying NGS data, including the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) and the UCSC genome browser, exporting regions and assembling figures for publication remains challenging. In particular, customizing track appearance and overlaying track replicates is ...

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Hands-On RNA-Seq Data Analysis Workshop

Advance your research. Understand RNA-Seq analyses challenges and solve them yourself. When? September 23 – 26, 2019 Where? Leipzig, Germany Link? https://www.ecseq.com/workshops/workshop_2019-05-RNA-Seq-data-analysis In a nutshell Learn the essential computing skills for NGS bioinformatics Understand NGS analysis algorithms (e.g. read alignment) ...

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UTAP – user-friendly transcriptome analysis pipeline


RNA-Seq technology is routinely used to characterize the transcriptome, and to detect gene expression differences among cell types, genotypes and conditions. Advances in short-read sequencing instruments such as Illumina Next-Seq have yielded easy-to-operate machines, with high throughput, at a lower ...

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