Unique fragmentation-free RNA-Seq library prep is now available also for non-coding RNA

Lexogen has announced the release of SENSE Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina. This kit will allow to reduce complexity and improve quality of the library prep for sequencing of total RNA, including non-polyadenylated RNA. It has just two major steps: SENSE library generation and library amplification. Overall protocol takes just 3 hours including hands-on time. Lexogen believes this protocol will contribute significantly to a next-generation library preparation for RNA-Seq.

SENSE technology is the Lexogen proprietary fragmentation-free approach for cDNA libraries generation for ultra strand-specific next-generation sequencing. The libraries are constructed within just a few steps, significantly saving time and reducing bias generated at each step of the standard library prep. This results in an exceptional reproducibility of the protocol. SENSE has been already successfully implemented into the kit for mRNA-Seq and received a lot of positive feedback.


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