Webinar Recording Available – Everything you need to know about RNA sequencing

Sample to Insight: Everything you wanted to know about RNA sequencing!

RNA sequencing unlocks the mysteries hidden in the transcriptome. Whether your goal is gene expression analysis, gene fusion analysis, SNP analysis or miRNA expression analysis, achieving high-performance library preparation can prove essential to maximizing your discoveries.

In this webinar, you will learn about best practices, considerations and tips for library prep such as the use of unique molecular indices, as well as useful insights and advice for sample prep, sample QC, sequencing, data analysis and interpretation so you can achieve your greatest RNA-seq outcomes. Whether you’re just beginning RNA sequencing or are an experienced transcriptomics researcher, this webinar has something new for you!

Join us for an encyclopedic discussion of RNA sequencing with Dr. Jonathan Shaffer, Associate Director of NGS Assay Technologies, QIAGEN, and learn everything you need to know about RNA sequencing (but were afraid to ask).


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